William Christian

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As far back as I can remember, I have been going to church. As a teen, I was a model church member: president of the youth choir, president of the youth group, a Sunday School teacher, and an usher. Nevertheless, it wasn't until I was 22 years old that I truly understood that every person--including me--is a sinner and that Jesus had to die to save us from the consequences of our own sinfulness. Like the Apostle Paul, it was as if scales fell from my eyes and I saw the world completely differently. Whereas before I encouraged my peers to come to church, I now encourage people to come to Christ.

Children and Youth Ministry Director

As the Children and Youth Ministry Director, my first and foremost desire for each of our young people is that same as for the adults: that they will know and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ and that those who believe in Him will have unshakable faith. Secondly, as we build a multicultural and multigenerational church, I see it as my role to help our church to be a Christian community where our youth and even our children are discerning and living out their unique callings in Christ. Through it all, I hope that their church experience is fun and enjoyable!


Other things you might want to know about me? I love to learn--formally and informally. I have a BS in Mathematics from UMBC and a Ph.D. from Rice University, and I took graduate classes at Moody Theological Seminary. And I'm constantly teaching myself new things like Koine Greek (the language of the New Testament), Python (a computer programming language), and apologetics (the logical defense of Christianity). I also like Skiing and Snowboarding in the winter although I can't afford to do it as often as I'd prefer, and Biking the rest of the year. I've given up on gardening and have planted fruit trees in the backyard.

I've been all around the world but God keeps bringing me back to Maryland. I was born in Korea (my mom was Korean and my dad was African-American) and have lived in Texas, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, England, and Maryland. I thank God that He has allowed me to serve Him in each of those places in children's ministry, men's ministry, church eldership, missions, street evangelism, and as a husband for over 20 years and a father of three almost-grown daughters.

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