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Missions Trips:

Our international missions efforts are partnerships with active, indigenous ministries.  That is, we work alongside existing ministries to support them in God's work and not to promote ourselves.  Sometimes, that means we're out in communities expressly sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  At other times, we're in the background providing relief or labor to those who serve full-time and looking for one-on-one opportunities to share God's love with those who don't know Him.

In 2019, we began partnering in Dominican Republic with Del Camino Connection.  DCC seeks "to help the beautifully diverse global body of Christ experience what [they] call Just Relationships--healthy, life-giving, missional friendships that reveal God's kingdom by effectively being used as His instruments of His reconciliation and restoration in the world."

Recent Trips:

  • 2022 Dominican Republic - July 14-18
  • 2020 Dominican Republic - Canceled due to Coronavirus flight restrictions
  • 2019 Dominican Republic - July 31-August 8 (Photos)
  • 2018 Dominican Republic & Costa Rica
  • 2017 Nicaragua - July 8-July 15

Supported Missionaries and Ministries: