Jorge Pagan

I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My family was Catholic as I was growing up. I’ve been in the military for many years which led me to move to Maryland in 2007. While working at Andrews Air Force Base, I noticed some unusual behaviors from a co-worker. It was like this person had the joy and peace that I’ve sought for a long time. My co-worker “tricked me” into visiting Life Connection Church where I discovered a multicultural church family; over and above all, I found JESUS!

My military experience with government purchases and funds management along with our core values (Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do) helps me to better fulfill my calling as a church treasurer.

My first ministry in our church has been as a percussionist on the worship team. I am extremely passionate about music.  This passion for music has led me to acquire a variety of instruments in the hopes that someday I will learn to play them all. I have great love and respect for all the members of our worship team. I enjoy being together in practice with our team; especially all the fun times I have in encouraging them, and teasing them too!  We have definitely become like family.  I also appreciate learning more about the word of God each day, and I am so thankful for His grace and mercy in my life.

The Lord has been blessed me with a wife of over 25 years (Angela), 2 children (now adults) and a beautiful granddaughter. I am also blessed with my multicultural and multigenerational Life Connection Church family. I find joy in serving and giving. Our church has allowed me to participate in life-changing events such as local outreach, community service projects, and a foreign mission trip. Participation in these events has shown me how the Lord works both toward me, and on behalf of others. Being a fully engaged member of LCC has also helped me to detach from wordily possessions and positions.

I am honored to serve as church treasurer and blessed with the trust that the church leadership has given to me.

  August 2021  
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