In-Person Worship Resumes

In-Person Worship Resumes

Dear LCC,

We anticipate coming together for in-person corporate worship beginning July 19 in the Kilby Athletic Center (the building left of where we met before).

As we prepare for the upcoming season of worship, God’s encouragement in Phillipians 2 reminds us to be humble and look out for others. With that in mind please review the following statements as we seek God’s heart in how we can worship God in this intense season we find ourselves. 

  • When we begin our in-person gathering, we will continue our online option. We encourage those who are in a vulnerable health category to take advantage of it. Do what you feel is best for you and your family, we will not judge one another for our decisions to care for our respective families. 
  • In-person attendees should enter the Kilby Athletic Center through the glass doors and wear a mask while you are in the building. We will have a limited number of masks in case someone shows up without one. 
  • We will practice social distancing while on the campus. Extended families can sit together. Please avoid shaking anyone’s hands, and keep our hands to ourselves. It will be a challenging season for our little ones to practice the last fruit of the Spirit, self-control.
  • Hospitality will not be providing refreshments during this season. No food or drinks are allowed in the AACS gym.
  • We will be sitting on bleachers, if you need additional back support stores like Walmart, Target, REI, etc. sell them from $15 to $50.
  • We don’t believe it is wise to sing indoors for now. We will be emphasizing other ways to worship God together including reading scripture, prayer, and other disciplines. Please have an open mind and participate, whether in-person or online!

Pastor Marty, Pastor Bill, and Michael